Mountain Top Days 2017

Initial Review 

August 7, 2017


Hi All,


First, I want to thank everyone in the MTD committee and the Board of Directors for the exceptional support and help to achieve a community event that helps to unite and extend a welcome to all our mountain people, both full time and the part timers.  As I too was a part timer until a little over 4 years ago.


Scott Limpus; the parade chair was in the hot seat for his first time.  Scott, I am glad you stepped up for the challenge.  Whatever issues we had I know most people never saw nor knew of them.  Kevin, thank you for jumping in and making the games happen, even though we were challenged with a leadership bump with Joan.  But she was determined to be there no matter what.  Joan my hat is off to you for your community spirit.  Connie although maybe not the most glamourous detail of overseeing trash and porta potty duty but is a very important role for the event.  Terisa, thank you thank you for pulling the chili cookoff together and I now have a correction to our app and that is to recommend to all the first-time cookers is to plan for 5 gallons of the spicy stuff.  And Mike Scullin you came in at the critical time when many of us are starting to wane, with yourself and the 3 elders who were a big help in cleaning up the market and getting everything put away.  Kevin and I were dreading a 2-hour cleanup.  Finally, Laurie Everett who was on the field Friday marking, then served our happy locals at the party and was up early for the Saturday field chores before our happy vendors arrived to build their domain for the day.  I can’t forget Cathy Clements with her preliminary field mapping and Suzie Heisler for putting the Friday night party together.


And a big thanks to the Citizens on Patrol to help manage the street closure, and ECS who were an asset in communication and logistics for our local flavor of our parade.  I know there were obstacles for all but we overcame them for the good of the community.  This is the professionalism that is so important.  I appreciate the commitment and team work even in the challenging times.


Janice Rutherford as our grand marshal loved our parade and weekend festivities.  I am glad to have met her and her support of the communities she serves. 


I am already thinking and planning for next year with new ideas for both the parade and the market. 


I am glad to call Running Springs my new home and community.  I will stay in touch with all.


Mike Lee, Vice President, MTD Chair

Comments for MTD 2017:

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