Mountain Top Days Application 2024

Friday, August 2, 2024
6:00-7:00 PM

Line-up for the parade will begin at 5:30 PM, on Old City Creek Road just west of downtown Running Springs. Please use Hwy 330 or Sunset to reach Old City Creek Road. Turning left from Hwy 18 onto Old City Creek Road is awkward and can be dangerous. Step off is 6:15pm. The parade will run west to east from the bridge through the downtown area and disband on Holiday Lane in front of Fireside and Sherwood Arms Motel.

There is a $20 entry fee (non- profits/govt. agencies are $10). The fee will cover the cost of awards for the prizes. Awards will be based on the overall appeal of the individual entries. Have fun with the parade and create a great family atmosphere! Call the chamber (909) 867-2411 or Steve Peter (909)253-8375 or email Steve Peter at with any questions.

The rights, benefits, and obligations that arise from this agreement may not be assigned or transferred to any other persons, firm, or corporation without the prior written consent of MTD chair. MTD assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to parade participants, their property, employees, or guests. In witness hereof, the below subscribing parties agree to be bound to the terms of this agreement.

Parade Application Fee

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