About the Chamber


The Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce is here to help businesses and our local community at large. Running Springs, Arrowbear Lake, and Green Valley Lake are all unincorporated communities in San Bernardino County. As such, we have no local government, no mayor, and no city council. To fill the gap, our chamber steps in and advocates for our communities at the county level.

How Our Chamber Functions

We work transparently. As a result, all board meetings are open to the public and all financials are reviewed in public at our monthly board meetings. Every board member is a resident of our communities.

Therefore, every board member has a vested interest in doing what’s best for our area. To ensure this, chamber members elect board members to two year terms.

Not only are board members elected and work in plain sight, we are a “working board.” A working board is one that not only sets direction but also works to fulfill those directives. You will see chamber board members at all chamber events, such as our Running Springs Farmers Market & Artisan Faire, Mountain Top Days, the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony, and more.

We Work By Committees

Committees allow us divide goals on a macro-level and work on a micro-level. We formalize our committees each year at our annual meeting. In order to be as effective as possible, we also open committees up to the public. If someone is willing to help, we’re willing to accept that help! Take a look at our committees here.

One of our most popular chamber events: The Running Springs Farmers Market & Artisan Faire.

Want to Support the Chamber?

Since we work for businesses and our community, we love having your support in the form of a membership. Check out our membership levels and consider joining the chamber today!

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